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SirsiDynix is a major provider to academic special and public libraries. The Symphony Integrated Library System is a foundational part of BlueCloud our new cloud based Library Services Platform (LSP)


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Free ebook on writing a specification

“Kickstart Your RFP” By Joe Matthews

Are you thinking about writing an Specification/ RFP for your next library automation system? What do you need to know to get the best response for your library? Benefit from Joe Matthews’ experience as a library consultant, through which he’s guided many libraries through the RFP process from start to finish. Inside this 30-page eBook are helpful tips, examples, and suggestions for how you can get your RFP off to the right start. Here’s what you can expect:
  • How to evaluate vendors
  • How to identify your needs
  • How to write an effective RFP
  • What to request and what not to request



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